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River Cruising

Our own favourite type of holiday! River cruise ships normally carry just 100+ passengers, and you are in constant sight of the river banks. Every day will have at least one shore excursion. All food is included in the price and some lines include the drinks too. All cabins have river views and many have balconies. And you don’t get sea sick!

 Sail the wonderful rivers of Europe – the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam;  the lovely Moselle from Koblenz to Trier; the mighty Danube past Vienna and Budapest down to the Black Sea delta; the Rhone-Saone from Lyon to Avignon; the Seine from Paris to the Normandy beaches; the Douro through Portugal’s port wine country  –  and more,  in Russia, Italy, Spain…..

Have you seen the Nile and the Valley of the Kings? Or the Yangtze, or the Mekong? Would you like to try a “Showboat”-type paddle steamer on the Mississippi?

paddle steamer on the Mississippi in twilight
row of gondolas in Venice with cruise ship in the background

Ocean Cruises

We work with all Cruise Lines, from the bijou and the luxurious, to the four-masted sailing ships, to the big beasts!

Where would you like to cruise?

Mediterranean,  Greek Islands,  Adriatic, Baltics,  Norwegian Fjords, Atlantic Islands, Canaries, Panama Canal,  Caribbean, around South America, Antarctica, Australia and New Zealand, the Pacific Indian Ocean

Escorted Touring

Why drive when you can be driven? Why worry about finding available hotels yourself?  We have excellent suppliers of small-group & private tours in most parts of the globe, including:

Italy:  have you seen the sights of Rome, Venice or Florence? Been to the opera in Verona, Lucca or Milan? Explored Sorrento or Capri, or toured Sicily?

Latin America: combine vibrant Buenos Aires with exciting Rio plus the world’s greatest waterfalls at Iguassu; explore the Amazon Rainforest or the Pantenal, or maybe the Galapagos Islands; trek the Inca Trail or see the brilliant wildlife of Costa Rica; enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of Cuba.

Southern Africa:  come to lovely Cape Town and the Winelands; tour the Battlefields of Natal; go on Safari in the Eastern Cape or the Kruger, or in Botswana, Namibia or Kenya;

India, Burma and Sri Lanka; see Delhi, Jaipur and the Taj Mahal; explore Cochin and sail the backwaters of Kerala; tour the lovely island of Ceylon ending with time on the beach. Follow the road from Rangoon to Mandalay!

North America: ride the Rocky Mountaineer to Vancouver then a cruise to Alaska? New England in the Fall?  Prefer a tour of the Wild West and the national parks? Or the sights and sounds of the Old South?

Holy Land: Tour Israel, perhaps combined with Jordan? A double city break in Tel Aviv & Jerusalem?

Taj Mahal

Great Railway Journeys

Worldwide:  the Blue Train from Pretoria to the Cape; the Maharaja Express; Bangkok to Singapore by rail; cross Australia  by train from West to East or South to North;  Seattle to Santa Monica; and of course the Venice-Simplon Express.   Take the train rather than fly to your favourite European cities!

Private Travel

We tailor-make any type of journey you wish, including flights, train, car hire, hotels or villas, etc

Gadabouts Teddy
aeroplane flying into the sunset